The Changing Face of Press Release

IVY LEE (image retrieved from Google)

It was a tragic disater that breathed life to what we now know as Press Releases. It was 1906, when a train wreck prompted Ivy Lee to issue the first ever press release in behalf of the Pennsylvania Railroad, his client. The press release Lee disseminated sought to inform the public of the company’s explanation of what happened. Pleased with the way he wrote the announcement, media adopted the press release issued by Ivy Lee. Since then, press releases have served as a cost-effective means of promoting the organization through the media.

But just as technological advancement brought newspapers online, new technologies are also pushing press release towards a make over. Enter Social Media Release (SMR), the sexier new version of press release. SMR serves the same function as press releases, only with slight modifications. Continue reading

One, Two, Google!

The proponent of Anti-planking bill? Wait, I forgot, lemme check Google.

This is how I behave these days. To be honest, I have been so dependent on Google that every time there is a term I cannot define or some details I forgot, I hastily turn to the computer to consult it. Typing the keywords I remember and clicking that Search button is just way easier than browsing through the pages of the Webster’s, textbooks or the encyclopedia.

At times when my high school friends would ask me via facebook chat about certain concepts in physics and  chemistry,  and I don’t have a ready answer for them-because seriously, a UP student has limitations, too—I will cheat a bit and refer to Google, all with the help of that convenient Ctrl+ T. Google is very helpful  when I play Hangaroo, too. Well, it sure makes me proud whenever I finish the game with just my skills, but there are times when I get so curious of the answer that I’d actually hit that search button in Google for it too. Alright, I guess, that’s cheating still.

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WANTED: Story-makers!

A Whole New Mind

Anatomy of Buzz Revisited 

Emanuel Rosen, in his book, Anatomy of the Buzz Revisited discusses how marketers can generate buzz or world-of-mouth for their brands, products or services. He cited good customer experience, exclusivity, customer participation in product innovation, inherent product qualities, active seeding, among others, as necessary ingredients for creating buzz online and offline. Continue reading

The Infamous ‘No Comment’ in the Social Media Era

Don’t you just agree with the two girls in the comic strip? Indeed, companies have been so used to using the “no comment” tactic in order to buy them more time whenever crisis hits them. Don’t release a statement until you are ready to answer all possible questions—this is the most common excuse for hiding behind the “no comment” cover.  Continue reading

FYI: For Your Information

Did you know that…

  • Since November 2010, 30 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • Google’s official birthday is September 17.
  • And that its birthday Google doodle this year (shown below) is currently the most popular Google doodle of all time?

Google's 13th birthday doodle for 2011

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Picture-Perfect Transformations in 45 minutes…Way better than Photoshop!


Oh, yes. This was not photoshopped!

If you’re an Adobe Photoshop user, you probably could attest that 45 minutes is hardly enough to edit your not-so-perfect pictures and transform them into perfect photographs. But Continue reading

We’re On Strike, and We’re Online!

Students walked out of their classrooms. A flashdance was staged. There were students planking. They wore WE ARE ON STRIKE shirts. There was a boodle fight. Protest! Protest! Protest! A march to Mendiola. And so much more. All these collective actions were done to send one message—the students opposition to the 2012 budget cut.

Nearly two weeks after this successful strike of UP Manila, my professor in PI 100 asked random students from our class about how they participated in these activities. Almost all of the students called shared how they took part in the mob or the protest, and most especially, the march to Mendiola. One student however, cited her unique participation in the strike. She is an OrCom student, my batch mate and friend, Arra. Almost as if speaking in behalf of the entire OrCom Seniors, Arra shared how our batch uniquely showcased our opposition to Budget  Cut through the following videos which we also did for our OrCom 152 class:

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‘Customer is King’: What it means in Today’s Market

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“Customer is King” is an age-old business mantra accentuating the importance of customers (and would-be customers) in every business. Traditionally, this rule usually entails a company’s promise to provide good customer services to… well, the customers.  But with the current evolution on work and business settings coupled with technological advancement, ‘customer is king’ means more than just good customer service.

For today’s businesses, ‘Customer is King’ means… Continue reading